School's in for the Fall...... What Are You Doing as the "Parent?"

It's here again.... that six letter word. SCHOOL....stay "CHOOL"

Parents again are consumed with school supplies, organizing schedules, carpooling, sports and juggling everything from A-Z. You would think we would have it down to an art as this time happens every year without ever skipping a beat. So why are we stressed, anxious and gasping for air?

Change....that magical word disrupts rhythm and routine. We are always changing with the onset of any new season. Parents, children, adolescents and teens alike all feel this onset of structure slowly seeping back into daily life.

The summer was great. Stress was minimal and there were no dealines to meet. Families enjoyed vacationing, beaching, family and friends visiting and just letting loose from all major responsibility for just a couple of months.

We know this scenario happens all the time, same time next year but anxiety and stress again creep into the little part of our brain and all emotions break loose. You would think that this predictable situation would ease our emotions for both parent and child. It doesn't.

Here are some tips to help transition again into this ever so predictable change..


1) Keep calm and organized. Your child relies on you to hold up the fort

2) Make sure you have a chat with your child(ren) as to expectations you have of them for this upcoming year

3) Ensre that you have a calendar of events posted in an area where the family can see and rely on it.

4) Be clear of expectations you have for your child(ren) Assume nothing

5) Be supportive as your child(ren) may experience first day jitters

6) Be supportive of your partner and KNOW YOUR ROLES

7) Make sure your child(ren) gets enough sleep and backpacks are ready the night before

8) Prioritize your family rules that work for you. Remember all families function differently.

9) Be consistent in expectations

10) Respect, listen and hear your child at all times

PARENTS: Remember when you are calm your children will feel the calmness from you and stress, anxiety and fear will be kept at a minimum. Your child can sense your mood, emotions, sense your affect and see your gestures. Take deep breaths and create your own mantra, repeating it when the going gets tough.

Have a great year.


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