Wisdom for Parents

Parenting is no easy task. I remember being pregnant with my first child and there was no manual that escorted me into the delivery room. If parenting were that easy we would not make the mistakes we do. I remember saying, “if I only did this, if I only said that, I shouldn’t have done that…. And the list goes on. We are not perfect nor can we expect our children to be “darlings” all the time.

As parents we are just as frustrated and angry as a child not being invited to a birthday party or getting in trouble for something that wasn’t their fault.

How do we handle the frustration, confusion and lack of experience as a parent? It’s not easy. We are nervous and anxious; feelings that are readily picked up by our kids.

Contrary to these feelings, we ultimately become the “expert” of our child. We learn the rhythm of their cries, tempers, outbursts, laughs and joy. We become attuned to who they actually are.

But what happens when we can’t? Do we lack the inability to understand their moods, body language and thoughts? How well do we zoom in to really understand our child?

As parents, we must learn to trust our instincts. We must learn to listen with our mouths and talk with our ears. This means that all our senses need to be tuned in to the newborn-toddler-child-adolescent- teen- and young adult.

Remember, we were once children. We felt misunderstood, not heard, not loved and the list goes on. Becoming a better parent is all we can strive for. We are not perfect and we learn through our mistakes, just as our children.

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