During my divorce my children saw Adrienne Blumberg. Adrienne helped them work through their feelings of adjusting to a life without their father present. As a parent, Adrienne helped me understand my children’s anger and behaviors by validating their feelings. Both of my children felt safe and trusted Adrienne to help guide them in understanding that their feelings were normal and it was ok to have those feelings. She provided them with useful tools to help both deal with challenging moments. Adrienne helps guide one in handling personal issues whether you are a child or an adult. ~


Therapy breaks down to trust and honesty. Working with Adrienne for the past three years has been a ground breaking experience. She is a person you know you can trust. She is always willing to try something new if treatment isn’t working. She has made me work harder than I ever worked in therapy and because of that I have made more progress than I ever thought possible. I can unequivocally say she is the best I’ve ever worked with. ~


Kind, caring, compassionate and committed. Adrienne is a dedicated professional who is truly invested in helping her patients. She has made a tremendous difference in the lives of my children, while supporting me through their healing. My family is happier and healthier today because of Adrienne’s wise counsel. ~


When my wife and I met several years ago, we fell in love pretty quickly. After about 3 years of being together, we came to a cross-road of staying together or going our separate ways. We seemed to be too different, and although we constantly had problems in our relationship, we loved each other very much, and did not want to give up on each other. We addressed some of the issues we had with each other, which made our relationship improve for a while. However, as time went on, some of those issues crept back up, and we were back at the cross-road, once again. This time, our situation was more complicated because we found out we were expecting a baby together. After discussing our options, we both agreed to try couple’s therapy. This was the turning point of our relationship. ~


We were referred to Adrienne Blumberg and right away felt at ease with her. Talking to Adrienne felt comfortable. We never felt judged or pressured by her. She was always respectful, caring, and always listened to what the both of us had to say. Not only did she guide us through our issues one at a time, but she taught us how to effectively communicate and listen to each other. Adrienne gave us the tools we needed to be able to resolve our issues together and really appreciate one another. We met with Adrienne over a year and a half, and continue to keep in touch with her. My wife and I married in November of 2012. We are finally happy, working together, and busy raising our growing family. We have Adrienne to thank for that. ~